ACDI-CV II is a Juvenile Risk Assessment

ACDI is the acronym for Adolescent Chemical Dependency Inventory.

Seven ACDI-Correction Version II Domains

Truthfulness Scale

Measures a youth's truthfulness while completing the test. It identifies and measures denial, guardedness, problem minimization and attempts to “fake good.” The Truthfulness Scale provides a sound basis for interpreting test results.

Violence (lethality) Scale

Measures the use of force to injure, damage or destroy. The scale identifies or measures the youth’s danger to self and others.

Distress Scale

Measures the strain imposed by pain, worry, emotional (anxiety and depression) problems and suffering. Distress is the most common reason juveniles seek counseling.

Adjustment Scale

Measures the youth’s ability to adapt, conform and function. This scale recognizes personal and social stressors at home, school and in relationships.

Alcohol Scale

Measures alcohol use when present and as warranted the severity of abuse. “Alcohol” refers to beer, wine, and other liquors. Excessive drinking can exacerbate the problems represented by other scale scores.

Drugs Scale

Measures, when warranted, illicit drug use and the severity of abuse. “Drugs” refers to marijuana, crack, ice, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, ecstasy, heroin, etc.

Stress Coping Abilities Scale

Measures the youth's stress management abilities. It assesses the youth’s ability to cope with experienced stress, anxiety and pressure.


The ACDI-Corrections Version II is a juvenile (12 to 17 years) assessment instrument or test. It is often used as a screening or program intake test. It is used in juvenile courts, juvenile probation departments, community corrections programs, juvenile outpatient treatment programs and in juvenile detention programs.

The ACDI-Corrections Version II is an evidence based juvenile (males and females) test. It consists of 140 items and takes 20 minutes (on average) to complete. From data answers entry, ACDI-Corrections Version II reports are scored, with typed 3 page reports available, on site, within 2 1/2 minutes.

toddler to adult

Distinctive Features

  • An evidence based test
  • Impressive reliability & validity
  • Truthfulness Scale for accuracy
  • Strong accountability of results
  • Windows and Internet testing
  • Available: English and Spanish
  • Live chat (Monday-Fridays)
  • Free support services
  • Free ongoing research
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Affordable testing
  • Sound basis for decisions

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